Teller’s prediction of global warming.

There are indications of several sorts that the energy industry has known for a long time that their product is causing the earth’s warming.  But like the tobacco industry it will not willingly acknowledge the detrimental effects of their product.  Just as the chemical industry resisted the research and reporting of Rachael Carson on the detrimental effects of chemical effluent, the fossil fuel industry is denying what has been well documented on the problem that the great dependence of the world on fossil fuels is creating.  Will the whole system just keep running as ever? What will the world look like if it doesn’t back off from its dependence on fossil fuels?

In China, a Three-Digit Score Could Dictate Your Place in Society | WIRED

This is scary. The potential exists to put everyone in a universal data base. China is trying to do it for a billion + individuals.